what we do?

We do work for all the major insurances, from burst geyser to burst pipes. Not only do we resolve the plumbing issues for the various insurances but we deal with all the resultant damages – damaged ceilings, wall, carpets, roofs etc. The convenience of using HP Plumbing is that you have ONE service provider that will do all the repairs.

Word of mouth is our top marketing tool and for this reason we don’t need to spend tremendous amounts of money on advertising but can rather invest that money back into our company in terms of staff training and procurement of the best tools required for the job.

We offer businesses, office parks/ buildings, estates and various other commercial sites the opportunity to take out a monthly plumbing service contract.  For a set amount we will do a monthly plumbing inspection.  The monthly fee is deducted via debit order and includes a plumbing inspection as well as the replacement and fitment of certain consumables such as washers, pan sealers.  If our plumber finds a more complex problem we will provide client with a detailed report and quotation.

For more information or an appointment to discuss please contact the office.

Commercial Plumbing


Our list of services includes but are not limited to:

  • Supply and installation of Geyser Blankets
  • Supply and installation of new Geysers – SABS Standard
  • Geyser repairs – elements, thermostats, lacto valves, safety valves
  • Leak Detection – burst pipes
  • Leaking Taps
  • Leaking toilets, baths, sinks, showers
  • Replace and resetting of tap washers
  • Water Pressure adjustments
  • Connection of washing machine, dishwashers
  • Install and/or move garden taps, piping
  • Hot Water problems
  • Blocked drains, man holes, waste pipes
  • Blocked toilets, urinals, baths, showers, basins, sinks
  • Drain cleaning
  • Supply and install Storm water drainage
  • Bathroom and kitchen renovations
  • New homes plumbing
  • All plumbing maintenance


Excellent Service

Quick Turn-around time

Quality workmanship and material

Qualified, Professional and Friendly Plumbers

Competitive Prices

Constant Communication and Feedback


If we are called back to the same job within 3 months, we repair it at no cost to the customer.

we are open 24/7

Domestic, residential, commercial and construction plumbing, whatever our client needs, we are able to assist immediately, effectively and we are open 24/7.